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I didn't realize that it has been this long since I wrote something, I think the last time I I wrote was the start of the year and it was not even for this site. It seemed that the last three quarters of this year I just stop writing. I guess my brain took a long vacation, now I'm not sure that I'm back but I want to reignite this wonderful passion of mine, which is writing. 


Recently I have been thinking about a lot things  that I wanted in my life. There is my job which I still love to do. I'm coming on my third year and so far it has been good to me. Through it I was able to get my first house ( take note first, so there will be a second and a third). I wanted to get a car but seems like it is not for me yet (emphasis on the word "yet"), but I was blessed with a very functional scooter which I love riding and has been taking me places (wifey is not a big fun of long rides though). I still have a dream of becoming a "dad" so Sheila and I are trying to be healthy and be fit, we even have big plans of her quitting her job so we can have more time for each other.  Which I thinking will be a big key for our mirage goals.


Last Sunday amidst the typhoon warning, strong winds and rain I woke up early and went to the feast, I have never felt so eager to attend it. I guess it's because I was so excited in giving my tithe and also to praise him (yup! giving tithe can be very exciting - cant explain why?)I think that Sunday mass and that Sunday worship was one of the best experience for me. I took photos and it really look like I was in a concert of grace, it felt like God was there dancing and singing with me. It has filled my heart with ease, it felt like nothing is impossible. It really fuel me this week.


Lately I realize that there three types of dreams( atleast for me there are only three) the big dreams and the small dreams and the dreams that God has for me. Big Dreams are dreams that are engrave in your heart and mind. These are the dreams that I long for and work for, it is the dream that since I was a kid I wanted it. Small dreams are the dreams that I wanted but can live without, for example I wanted a car, I wanted a nice kitchen, I wanted n upgrade of my bedroom. The most important for me is the dream that God has for me, in the bible there is a verse in Jeremiah 29:11-13 which says 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I believe this is God's promise to me and I have put my faith into it so much that sometimes when I imagine, it feels so real to me. I choose to believe in this future because it is as real as the sun rising tomorrow and stars that is up in the sky even on a cloudy night. 

He believes in you

Amazing, Awesome, Overflowing, Exciting, Excited, Tremendous - These are the words I was saying and feeling for the new year 2014. I was so excited about this year that everything i say and feel was about positivity. I was giving out inspiring thoughts with my family, friends and people I know. It felt like I was on the peak of everything. I even set personal goals for myself like in health I will be aiming a 165 lbs weight, I will exercise more and I will eat healthy stuff like fruitifying my breakfast, vegifying my lunch and dinner ( as a Filipino I need rice so I started eating brown rice) I had a lot of hopeful dreams that I wanted to accomplish from creating an online store, creating more network of friends, more time with my wife and a lot more simple dreams.

But 2014 started and things started to happen, yup things that I did not expect it be. I did not expect it to have issues, problems and difficulties on the start of the year, but it did. problems at work, difficulties in my financial life, issues on the new house. It just dawned on me one after the other. But some how I feel lighter in what I feel, I'm not saying that I'm not ranting, I do rant actually I rant loudly but inside my heart I feel that everything will be alright. I feel confident that whatever this mess is will turn into a meaningful message in my life. This is not a rejection but rather a re-direction of the life that God wants me to take. These trials will turn into triumph in Gods own time. I don't see it yet, I don't feel it yet, but I believe it with all of my heart.  

In the bible there is a verse in John20:29 that Jesus said “Now that you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen me and have believed.” (yes don't be surprise I do read the bible ) to me this is the truth I hold when I have trials and difficulties. i choose to believe in Him even though I have not seen Him, why? well you got to believe in something and why not believe in God after all, weather you like it or not weather you believe it or not  He believes in you.

Everybody hurts....

I'd like to think that I'm a happy person or at least I try to be a happy person. I try to smile always, I joke around and I laugh hard, so hard that sometimes it becomes a noise. I like to watch comedy series like "Friends" or "Everybody like Raymond" ( I know!.. they're old ). I try to stay away from news since they tend to show nothing but bad news. I make it a point to enjoy the lighter side of the people. I mingle, as much as I can and I stay away from bad vibes.

There was a Filipino saying that goes "hindi araw - araw pasko" English translation "its not Christmas everyday". This is a fact that I have learned to accept, as much as I want to always be happy, problems will always find its way in our life. Rather let me rephrase that, challenges will always come no matter how much we try to avoid it. I'm sure every person in the world would love to say a line that goes, "I have no problems or whatsoever in my is good." But that would be insane to say because reality bites...we have problems, we have challenges. Every person living in this world has it and it comes in different sizes and shapes be it small, medium, large and for some there is 1x,2x and so on and so forth.

I'm sure at one point in our life we wish to turn back time and be like children. Life will be much simpler if that would be the case but the thing is, it isn't. Life does not work that way, we have to go on. We have to face it, it will not be easy, it will not be pleasant but we have to go through it.

I remember talking to one of the couple coordinators in my community. He was sharing about a particular pain in his life and how it became a gift ( I was saying to myself maybe he is on drugs). He explained that by giving an example.  While conversing with a friend, you accidentally put your hand in burning firewood. Without feelings of pain, you would not know that your hand was on fire.  You will end up loosing your hand.

His example was a bit morbid but it makes a lot of sense. Pain necessary for us to learn and feel that we are alive. We hurt because it is a part of a learning process in our lives. We experience pain so we may deeply appreciate the things that we have in our lives. So the next time you are in a situation that you are hurting, don't think that your just the only one person that feels that way, because the truth is everybody hurts.... sometimes.

Happy Holy week

The holy week is coming and it is seems so tempting to make a vacation out of it, for some it is a time to go to the beach and spend some time in the sun, others will be going hiking, to conquer the heights of a mountain. But there are some who will be going to a family reunion or spend time with friends.Then there will be people who will still be working becasue of the nature of their work. Whatever the case maybe whether you will be working or not, be on vacation or not, it’s a holy week, do give a little time or rather find a time for you to have your silence, to be still and make space for God to work on in your life. Remember that this is the time we can contemplate the reason why He had to go through the suffering and be nailed to the cross. Make time to think about your dreams and what you want in your life, think about the miracle that you missed and ask yourself questions, Are you where you need to be? what do you really want in your life right now? or a simple question are you happy? How happy are you right now?

There was once a farmer who had a farm, in his farm he had grown very good crops, the field was rich and fruitful, his secret he made traps and fences that kept the birds, the insects and animals away from his crops. One morning he was watching his field and felt empty, there was something missing. He wanted all the birds and insect and bee’s to come and enjoy in his field. He went out and took away all the traps and the fences he built around his field, he stood in the middle of his field stretch out his hands and called out the birds and creatures from dawn till dusk, but no one came.No one came, no aone came because they all thought that the farmer was a scarecrow in the farm.

you dont need to do anything to be happy, because happiness is already around you, all you have to do is put down your hands, wait, listen, be still and happiness will come to you.

In psalm 46:10 says God is our refuge and strength—He dwells in His city, does marvelous things, and says, Be still and know that I am God.

my simple message is that you rediscover what happiness is in your life and in that happiness you experience His love, God Bless everybody and have a happy holy week.

My grown up Christmas list

t's that time of the year the cold season has set in and the mood for giving has finally arrive. Parties are left and write, malls are on sale on everything, cakes and cookies are box in green and red, “Divisoria” well its the “in” thing. printing press well thier busy printing stuff and catering is a good business right about this time, schools are having thier breaks and the working people well its getting harder and harder to wake up in the morrning becasue the cold chill of the crisp air seems to be an irresistable invitation to sleep more. Christmas is coming the exciting month of December has step in and all are in for spin of gift giving.

I remember when I was a kid I would hung a sock near the door and in it is a piece of paper and written is my christmas list. I remember writing to santa of getting that matchbox car toy and a G.I joe figure on Christmas. I wish for it, wanted it and hope for it and on that early mornign of December 25 I woke up and run to that sock only to find that there is a bunch of new 20 peso bills struck in it, I never remember feeling sad and disappointed but I do remmeber knowing that santa was not a big guy with a red suite. The He is a She and she works in a bank called Cititrust. Well I did get cash and it was a lot of new 20 peso bills so I was happy and contented.If my memory serves me right I was about 10 or 11 when that happened, a lot of Christmas has passed since then. I’m now all grown up, married, handsome than ever and married to the girl of my dreams. I’m now done wanting matchbox cars and G.I Joe’s, this wonderful morning (1:42 am to be exact) I would like to share my grown up Christmas list.

1. To be fit and healty – recently I had been hospitalize, I forgot what was the exact term for the diagnosis but it has something to do with fatty liver and some heart thing, it woke me up that I need to start living a healtier life because my superman days is starting to fade and if I still want to continue living an exciting life enjoying God’s blessing then I need to be fit and healty physically, emotionally and spiritually.

2. To Love my family more – I’m a catholic, I go to Sunday mass as much as I can and as I live my faith I have learned that each one of us has a mission and that mission is to love God and to love yopur neighbor, well my nearest neighbor is my family, I have to confess I have not been spending much time with my family becasue I have been busy with other things. I want to spend more time with them, I want to find more time to get to know them, and to share and express my love to them.

3. To be a blessing to others – my friends ask me what I want in life and I always answer them this way, I want to be rich, the money, the car, the house and a lot of one and zero’s in  my bank acount. But when I started to attend ministry and get to know God in a special way it opened my eyes to the real reason why I wanted to get rich and that is I want to be rich so that I can give more and help more and bless  more people.

4. To be a father – my wife and I have married for 3 years now, married life is not easy but it is an adventure. for 3 years now We have been improving and growing together as a husband and wife. We have gone through a lot in those 3 years as a married couple. We feel that we are ready to raise the bar from a couple to a family, yes family me as a father (wanting to be called dad) and Sheila as a mother( dont know if she would like mom or mommy), were there and I know God will provide because he knows the desire of our hearts.

That’s it for me how about you what’s your grown up christmas list?


cour·age - Noun - its a word that very few people use these days. I have to admit I cannot recall a time that I use this word in a conversation or in any of the articles that I have written. I just took interest when I heard it in retreat that I attended recently. I did a little research in google and this is what I found.

cour·age - Noun:
Strength in the face of pain or grief.
fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity, pluck, spirit. Courage,  bravery,  valor,  bravado.

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

Bo Sanchez my favorite preacher and writter is correct, God created his people to be champions and as champions we are given gifts, qualities that we can use to towards reaching our goals and courage is one of those many gifts.

Bethany Hamilton - she is a professional surfer. She is know to survive a shark attack that which she lost her left arm. but eventually overcoming her injury and returned to professional surfing.

 Maichael Jerome Oher -( Born May 28, 1986) is an All Americam Football player on offensive tackle  for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. His final year in highschool and First year in college is a subject of Michael Lewi's 2006 book; The Blind Side. Oher  has written  in his auto biography, I beat the odds, from homelessness to the blind side and beyond.

This two amazing courageous people has inspired many to go through the obstacle and carry the quality of mind and spirit and face difficulties that life has got to give.I believe that being courageous is not something that comes out automatically like in a vendo machine. To be courageous is a decision that we have to make in some point of our life, it is our stand against fear and an important ingridient to achieve our dreams.

I was browsing today from articles I compiled from my favorite author and I came accross this wonderful article. 

3 Things To Be Happy
A psychiatrist who’s been listening to thousands of unhappy patients for 40 years realized that there are three things to be happy. If you have these three things, it’ll be very difficult to be miserable!
          Do you have these three things?
1. Something to do
2. Someone to love
3. Something to look forward to
Why did I mention these three things to you?
Here’s my message: I believe that if you make God first, all things will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).  Including these three things!
1. Something To Do
My mother is 85-years old and she’s happy. Why? Because when she wakes up each morning, she has something to do. Everyday, she goes to the prayer room and prays for me. If she has extra time, she prays for her other children.
Just kidding. She prays for everyone—every son-in-law, every grandchild, every cousin, every friend who needs prayer. That’s her call. And she’s happy.
One of the most precious things that God gives you is a call.
You were born with a sacred purpose in life.
Do you know why the entertainment industry is huge? Do you know why a single video game can earn $30 Million? Because people are bored. They don’t have anything to do. And that’s why people are miserable. And because people can’t take the misery, they thirst for distraction.   And so they buy entertainment.
Why are people bored? Because they don’t have a cause to die for, a mission to dedicate their lives.
Here’s the good news: If you seek God first, He’ll give you something to do. You’ll wake up every morning with a cause you’ll be willing to die for.
I pity the person without a God-ordained dream, with a powerful Divine Call summoning his heart.
       Listen to God’s voice in the depths of your being.
       I created you for a beautiful purpose.
       Live for this purpose. Die for this purpose.
2. Someone To Love
If you seek God first, you’ll have a lot of Someones to love!
Christianity isn’t a religion as much as it is a relationship. It’s primarily a personal relationship with God. He’s the first “Someone” to love.
And it’s also a relationship with a spiritual family.
If you follow God, you’ll never be alone again.
A woman came up to me yesterday. She said, “Bo, ever since I’ve attended the Feast (our weekly gathering), my life has totally changed. And my relationships have changed. My marriage is so much better. My relationship with my kids has grown so much because of the Feast.”
Give yourself to God and He’ll give you His family. Both come in a package!
       And finally…
3. Something To Look Forward To
When a person doesn’t have hope, he dies.
If you seek God first, He’ll give you a vision for your future.
Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it in abundance.”   I look forward to a life of abundance—in this world and in the world to come.
Last week, we were relaxing at home when my little Francis said, “I want to watch Shreck again.”
       If you’ve got little kids at home, I’m sure you know this movie. Shreck is about an Ogre and his sidekick Donkey. Both of them rescues Princess Fiona locked up in a tower, guarded by a fiery red Dragon.
       The movie has done so well, they’ve come out with a Shrek 2, Shrek 3, and Shrek 4. And we’ve watched all of them.
       But yesterday, we put Shrek 1 in the DVD player and had fun fun watching the entire movie again.
But because I knew how the movie ends, I watched it in a different way. When the fiery red Dragon was about to eat the Donkey, I had a smile of my face. Because I knew that at the end of the movie, Donkey will marry the Dragon. (As crazy as that may sound!) In fact, in Shrek 2, they’ll have 4 kids.
       It’s very different if you know how the story ends.
       Thanks to Easter, we know how your story ends.
You may be going through rough times now. You may be going through severe trials. Sometimes, you wonder if you can overcome your problems.
Don’t give up!
Because you know that at the end of the day, you’re going to win. Because God is with you. The Bible says, If God is for you, who can be against you?
In fact, even death can’t win over you.
Like Jesus, you too will rise.
Death will be conquered.
And you will live forever.
Yes, we have something to look forward to!


....I have learned three things

I have always believed that hardwork and persevirance is the way to make your dreams come true. Well Im in my thirties and I can simply tell you, you will need a lot more than hardwork and persevirance to make your dreams come true. The world is not a bad place; it is actually a good place but life! well there is your problem, You see life is not easy, everyone in it makes mistakes; you have too so we can learn, bad things are not always bad things, it just matter how you look at it and how you can react to it, most important of all what do you do about it. Im my life I have learned three amazing things.

First a person needs to have faith to fulfill his or her dreams; you have got to have faith! Shocking it may seem but without faith you will never be able to achieve your dreams because you will dry out. I remember a sceen in a movie, a priest saying this to a doctor diagnose with cancer “man can only do so much, then comes God.” This is true a an image of God we have our limits, thre are just somethings that we can do and somethings that we cannot do, on the part that we can do; that’s us we are given talents, we are given gifts we need to use it and share it because it is not given to be kept but to pass on and share to others

Next to faith is my dreams, everyone should have a dreams, I learned that 90% people are visual, without dreams in our life we will be lost for there is no direction to go to. We will be just followers for someone else dream only to find out that in the end it is not what we wanted and so we will go for one direction to another not knowing if it will be fulfilling to us or not. People who do not have a dream will not know what they will do in their life and so they are lost. Make a list, put your dreams in a piece of paper keep it in your wallet and readt it once in a while and then pray this prayer that my favorite preacher shared with me:


Today, I receive all of God love for me.

Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, over flowing aboundance of God’s universe

Today, I open myself to Gods’s blessing, healing and miracles.

Today, I open to God’s word so I would become more life Jesusu everyday.

Today, I proclaime that I am Gods beloved, I am God’s servant,

I am God’s powerful champion and because I am blessed

I am blessing the world in Jesus name. Amen


Last you need to be thankful, appreaciate the things that you have receive in your life, from the biggest to the smallest blessing. Recognize miracles that unfold right before your eyes in eveyday and everytime. Thre was a saying that goes when God closes the door, He opens up a a window. When I was young I lost my parents; well actually my dad died and my mother left us in the gate of my aunt’s house. I think I was four at that time. Growing up was not easy for me, I was left out and I never felt that I was part of something. I was looked at as a menice, an unwanted burden that landed in their lives. I wore an identity that is not mine at all. I was hurt physically and emtionally. I guess God really wanted to empty me because He might have forgotten to open the window but it’s because he was toring down a whole wall for me, because blessings came in my life, miracles happened my life and it has never stop since. I am thankfull because even my crazy dreams came true.


Go for it

If there is one thing that you can do on this earth and will guarantee success, what will it be?

 Im a certified promdi which means that I grew up in a small town and lke any probinsyano, I dreamed on going to Manila and actually live in the big city. Stting up that kind of dream was not as easy as I thougt it would be. I had to go to a lot of discouragement from people around me. But I felt that I had to do it, I wanted so much that I was stuborn enough to pack a bag with a few hundread that I knew will not last for a week, I went! got myself in a bus land my feet in the cold concrete of the big bad highway called EDSA. I never saw so many lights lit up in the time of the night, my first night whew! The next day was a lot of many first times for me.  Boy! When I think about those times I cant help to treat myself a laugh and smile. It has been more or less 10 years and I have been conquring one dream after another, I went on different places and different countries and I’m not stopping. But enough about me how about you? If you can answer the question above….then what are you waiting for?



A lost man ask
mister can you
point North to me
Reply the man
Why go north?
When everybody
is going South
Or just go East
Where you will find
Shelter and Ease
But mister I'm going Noth
Not South and definetely not East
Then  you have to go West
Thre is a train ride going North
The man said
I do not need a train ride
West is out of my way
Then go straight
becasue straight is North
And North is your way
This is the right way

truly SOLV

This year me and my wife decided to join a community, fortunetely my cousin Ate maricel and his husband Kuya Ferdie invited us to attend thier christian life seminar. I guess this is part of God's plan for us in raising a good christian family. It was a nice expirience since I really miss the community life and the household and the assemblies that I use to attend when I was with YFC and SFC actually as I recall I had my whole highschool and college sundays occupied with serving the Lord and working to grow His mnistry.

When I got married I started looking for something more than going to church every sunday.It seems that it was not enough.It seemed that I was looking for something more to do for God, but I have to also consider my wife since she is not familiar with the life in a community. One day I ask God that He may give us an oppurtunity to be able to give more service and that day did came.Our first call to service was to attend the "Feast" an event of a catholic community by Bro. Bo Sanchez, I remember that first day we really dress up and we are actually really early. on that first day I get to listen to Bro. Bo for the first time live on stage. On the Feast if it is your first time to attend people will come up to you and say welcome and boy we had our welcome alright! plus the novena to Gods love a free booklet that they gave after you attend the session. I tell you after that firstime every Sunday was a lock to the Feast.

I thought that the Feast was the ministry that God wants us to be in until we were invited by my cousin to attend the CLS of thier community. The community name was not new to me since I have attended it once when it was still in La Salle but this was different we were invited to attend a seminar every tuesday and that would mean a commitment for many tuesdays and since I work on shifting schedule I was affraid that I will not b able to finish the whole series of talks, also I was thinking about my wife, I was thnking that she will not like us attending this seminar especially since this is a working day. But then again I underestimated the power of God. Why? you see on the whole seminar God has cleared our schedule and my wife well she would just hurry the workload of the tuesday just to attend that CLS. boy that was really dum of me not to recognize that it was not Ate Maricel and Kuya Ferdie inviting us to attend, it was God calling to us to work for His ministry. We have finish the seminar but we did not commit immedialtely. We had to pray for that decision first and on the second Tuesday of January we were prayed over and officially welcomed as members, we are now truly SOLV.


I caught a break

I had a rough two weeks at work, it was the first time that I had to struggle with work to meet my targets and dead lines. In that two weeks hours seemed to be longer, I was becoming impatient and temperemental about everytrhing. Mistakes keeps happening left and right and what seemed easy became more and more complicated. But I kept going and moving even though at the back of my mind I wanted to just drop everything and just flip the page of my life so I can start anew. But I never did I kept on pushing and pushing and pushing and when it pushes back on me, I pushed some more. Until finally the heat that I was taking came to my own home. I wanted to shout to the world and ask what is happening? But I kept my silence, I just move on carrying this invisible but very heavy burden, hoping that it will end soon. Finally I got a break, I caught this video while I was riding the bus. It seemed familar becasue it was showing rumbles of buildings and children waving in the video. Yes it was haiti the aftermath of that big earthquake that happened last year. Then the music started to play artist singing we are the world, I started to realize something that I was runting the whole two weeks that past, it was simply nothing compared to these people who lost everything thier homes thier properties, some lost thier love ones, me what did I lost? Nothing! I never lost a thing. I was just simply not greatfull about what I have. I guess this is God telling me son can you please just be greatful becasue I have surrounded you with everything that you need and more. Please be greatful and be happy that I love you so much so can you? please!!! In the new version of the song had a rap section and I think this is the message that God is telling me that I should share to you right now  


We all need somebody that we can lean on
When you wake up look around and see that your dreams gone
When the earth quakes we’ll help you make it through the storm
When the floor breaks a magic carpet to stand on
We are the World united by love so strong
When the radio isn’t on you can hear the songs
A guided light on the dark road your walking on
A sign post to find the dreams you thought was gone
Someone to help you move the obstacles you stumbled on
Someone to help you rebuild after the rubble’s gone

divide the hate multiply the love and never loose your cool. JOM

 It's not a waste of time...... It's dancing

Since I was young, I have always known one talent that I'm really good at and mind you it is not singing because when I sing, it somewhat feel that the end of the world is coming and if my voice will get a record label to produce a song for me that wil be the day that people has stop listening to music or monkeys has ruled the earth. What I'm trying to say is that singing was never my talent it has always been my fantacy and I think it will stay that way for a very long time. So since I'm not a singer then the only thing left is dancing and aha! not to brag about it but I really can move and sway and play around with my body through music. It is the one thing that really cheers me up when I feel down,it is the one thing that I can be who I really am, I guess when I dance it shows who I really am, there was a even a time that dancing was the one paying the bills and putting food on my table. I don't know why but there is something in dancing that makes me happy,it keeps my sanity in tact. But amonst all types on dancing,and there is a lot, I'm very much drawn to hip hop dancing or street dancing.

Let me give you a little history about hip hop dancing - Did you know that this energetic dancing evolved with hip hop music and street jazz? It’s true. Today, hip hop has taken its place alongside ballet, tap, jazz and ballroom dancing; to name a few.

The first mention of hip hop dance dates back to the 70’s when some new moves were introduced to the dance world to accompany the funky sounds of hip hop music that was also being discovered. Most popular among African Americans and Latin Americans at first, there are many races who now lay claim to defining this diverse dance phenomenon.

Across the United States from the ‘Boogie Down’ Bronx, New York to the ‘Beat Street’ corners of Compton, California, young people everywhere took to this new style of dancing that included such feats as breaking, popping, locking, gliding, ticking, vibrating and krumping. In the earlier days, some hip hop dance moves such as the Humpty Dance were made popular by hip hop artists who had created the songs from which these dances were derived.

So if you are thinking that hip hop is a new thing well sorry to burst you're bubble it has been there for a long time now, the one good thing about hip hop is it keeps on innovating itself as time goes by. So the next time you see a guy doing a head spin moving to a lock or a group of young kids krumping to an energetic beat, give them a clap and an appreciation. It's not a waste of time It's dancing,

testify to love

For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love
I'll be a witness in the silences when words are not enough
With every breath I take I will give thanks to God above
For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love

This is a chorus from a song from Avalon called testify to love. This song is also a constant reminder to me that I made a promise to God that I will testify for him, that I will be a witness to all the great things that he has given us in our lives. That I will speak of Him and that I will be a voice of hope for the hopeless, That I will be a blessing to others. that I will be there in the exact moment that God has told me to be and to tell about His love. God loves us and He is out there somewhere shouting that He loves us always and He has never left us but rather He is with us wherever we go.

I have made that promise along with some people from my YFC days. I wonder if they still remember? I wonder if they have move on or kept on moving forward with the mission? I love to think that they still are, that they have kept the love of God in thier hearts and continue sharing that love to others. That they are still the light that shines in a dark place . That they have not forgotten that God entrusted us a lifetime of ministry to love others and make known to others the Love of God. 

Mathew 25:40 I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me. God Bless everybody


Ready to take on the dream

Now a days a im feeling so differently, it feels like someone or something is calling me to do something. In the everyday that I keep myself sane by doing work in the office, meeting and talking to people and getting home to be with my wife. It still keeps on hunting me, like a silent voice that tells me that it is time to work again, it is time to make a dream come true again. I ask myself what it is that I need to do? What is the next step? then I stumble 2 words that tells me everything that I needed to do....The Plan....yes the plan God has a plan for me. I think it is God telling me to work on my dream because half time is over and I needed to go out of the dug out and play once more.  It is God telling me this; I thought you want a better future, I thought you want me to help you become the best person that you can be, Get up you had your minutes break game time, get you head in the game and get ready to takeon the dream.

One move......

Yesterday me and my wife took the last mass in Don Bosco and yesterday the priest talked about a radio anouncer who is featuring the names of ordinary people like taxi drivers and carpenters, sidewalk cleaning ladies that has done an extra ordinary thing that in this hardtimes has decided to the right thing of returning huge amount of cash or valuable things to thier owner. As the story goes the priest told us that the radio announcer is doing this because they want to let people know that there is good things and good people still living amongst us. He said that if they feature these people, if they tell about these people, they are hoping that other people will follow. I believe in what the announcer is doing, I believe that it takes one good thing to make a difference. One move to make a difference to the life of others.

Lately I have been listening to a CD from Bo Sanchez  and it talks about an 80 - 20Pareto priciplel that said 80 percent of out put came from 20 percent input. Example of this is right here in our country, the unequal distribution of wealth in this country, observing that 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the wealth. The vital few and the trivial many this is the reality around us, my point is not the wealth but rather the good that we need to do I know a champion GK builder her name is Lenlen, she has a great heart for the poor she started GK in Batangas Sico armed with faith in her heart she has change the lives of families in the area, A CNN hero Efren Peñaflorida gives Filipino youth an alternative to gang membership through education. His Dynamic Teen Company's 10,000 members have taught basic reading and writing to 1,500 kids living in the slums. Bartender Doc Hendley is providing clean water to communities worldwide. Through creative fundraising, his nonprofit Wine to Water has brought sustainable water systems to 25,000 people in five countries. School bus driver Jorge Munoz is helping hungry New Yorkers make it through tough times. Since 2004, he has handed out more than 70,000 meals from his mobile soup kitchen in Queens -- for free

Peple do this things because people believe they can change things, that one move can set a whole generation free like Elvis, One move can make you believe that you are something more and some moves can give an ordinary simple person a hope that can last a life time.....whats your move?

My sweet serendipity

ser - en - dip - i - ty noun \.ser- an -  'di- pa - te

Defination of SERENDIPITY

:the faculty  of phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable  things not sought for;

also : an insance of this


They found each other by pure serendipty

Well my serendipty happened way back 2004, my brother ask me for a favor to date a friend of her girl for that night. Me being the best brother and all agreed, who wouldn't you get a date and you dont have to spend a single cent for it coz he is paying. So lucky me! when my date arrived she said she has a friend that will be joining; oh wow lucky night for me 2 for 1 special, 2 of them and 1 and only me must be really lucky, wait for quite a time and she came and ohhlala! she was great, looking, with the mini-skirt on and the tight dress with the sexy body coming to the door with the wind blowing her hair .....wait stop!.............. nope that's not the way it happend, she was very ordinary with the glasses on with the backpack on, you know the type that came out from a horrible traffic and had to fight for a space in a cramp up train. But something really got my eye on her. As we went to the night we went having fun making challedges and doing body shoots and joking around, to make it short I was really drunk and I mean wasted drunk that I forgot what happened to the rest of that night. So lets move forward and start in the morning after, I woke up with a massive headache a cramp up feet and a weird smelling breath that I myself cant bear. The only one great thing about it is I know I meet someone really speacial. You wanna know who she is....she is the girl in white on the picture

 ............... now that's what you call SERENDIPITY !!!


Mathew 25:40

'I      tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

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