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A  40 days journey

I started to read this book titled A purpose driven life and I wanted to write about my reflection on every chapter. The first 11 chapters will be my first publish and I will publish the rest when I read a chapter a day. I do hope that by sharing this anybody who will read this can in one way or the other bring ease in thier life's struggles. We are each others blessing....JOM 

 Today I woke up and realize that something is different I have no idea of what it is and but I know it has something to do with change but I can’t figure it out on my own going back a few hours of today. I was woken up by the alarm, its Sheila’s time to go to work after that I came back to sleep when Sheila is about to go and gave me a kiss I decide to get up of bed and take her to the jeepney stop and kiss her goodbye to start her day. Came back to the house sleep a little more then called her to check if she was able to get to the office on time. She also asks me to pay the bills of her office phones which I replied that I will do it later in the afternoon since there is less traffic at that time. Took my breakfast came back home took a cigarette, while I was taking my smoke I thought came in to mind about my life about things that I have and what I don’t have confusion came and I know it’s something that I should be alarmed about. I went in the house and for a moment I stop and decided to read I was thinking of something inspirational because I know I can’t find answers if I read some dramatic stories or short stories looking up the array of books I have on top of our cabinet I saw Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life and then I open a couple of pages now I know I have to take a moment and read to it. My plan is to read the whole book but as I read to the opening page and read to it, something tells me it’s not going to happen I can’t fast track the answer but reading all of it I have to take things slow because this will be a journey that Sheila and I will be making. Starting today and the next 40 days we will be on a journey a 40 day journey in our life as individuals and as a couple for Christ.

 The journey begins

What on earth am I doing here?

Chapter 1 – It all starts with God

Now I pack my bag and begin my journey as I course through my first chapter I come to realize a lot of what I don’t know but I was already doing and I came to pass a striking phrase “God was thinking of you before you even start to think of HIM”. Such simple words to understand but I ask myself do I accept this truth? Yes!!! Now that I ‘am informed, It is something of the same thought as I learned  or heard once that Jesus is out there shouting that He loves us but because we are to bust we cannot hear His shout of love. Answering the question How I can remind myself that life is about living for God is by making it simpler to remember in everything that I do “this is not about me it’s about God” in whatever I will be doing from here on out it will be about God.

“For I’ am the tree and you are the braches without me you are nothing” Yes Lord without you I’ am nothing and I will be nothing I started from you and I wish to end to you. As I course to this journey help us  complete it, give me the strength to get to the goal for I believe that we are not alone we are never alone because you are with us in every single second of our life as we go to sleep till we wake up to another beautiful morning.  Amen

Chapter 2 – You are not an accident

Today I saw something striking picture of reality in the mall as I went to do an errand for Sheila, today I saw Christ in a very special way, in the way a child is taken for granted by society. To a child whom we see but do not look at we pretend that they don’t exist, that they are just children and why should I care it’s not my responsibility to take care of them. They are like that and we blame the government, their parents, and their way of life. In the narration of the video a striking phrase was said they are like that not because they have accepted their faith, but because we have not accepted them in our hearts and in our lives we neglected and pretend that it’s their responsibility to get out of the life they are in, it’s theirs and never our fault. I remember a thing that is said in a community news letter it is every person’s responsibility who call themselves Christians to take part in alleviating the people of God. I once take part and I continue to be part of that mission of bringing glad tiding to the poor. Today my realization is this I ‘am not an accident whatever has happened in my past and what goes on in the present and what I will face in my future is planned by God. I have known before and until now that God has a plan for me in the bible he has made his promise to me in the book of Jeremiah “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm, plans to give you a future that you have always hope for”, “If you seek Me you will find Me if you seek Me with all your heart”. Today Lord on my second chapter of this journey I come to you to claim your promise we come to seek You and to find You and we will find You using our hearts. Amen.

Chapter 3 – What drives your Life

My reading for this chapter has been cut short and my reactions have been late for so many reason that I can write but I refuse because my walk is not by me but with my savior Jesus Christ.  As the chapter describes things that control me, was the thing that stuck into mind. There are many things that controls my life and most of them are really just things and nothing more I came to realize that I was a slave of this things that I should be doing is telling them and not telling me what I should do. Like my smoking nothing is beneficially to me on doing it but because I let it control me and I even defend that bad habit it has enslave me to do it that instead of doing something productive it has a say on my 15 minutes breaks and lunchtimes wow and the fact that I know that it’s killing me. I never even thought that it was a treat to me rather a friend I spend time with every time I ‘m with friends I could have spend that time pursuing a friend to know Jesus or give Shiela a flower that she wanted. Well it’s better late than never I’m starting today I don’t know how to do it but I say to God;

Dear God,

Today I want to stop smoking not just for me and for the people that I love but for you as well my Lord and savior. I know I cannot do it with my mere strength but with your help Lord with you guidance. I know I can and I will because I want to cleanse myself so I can pro-long my life in preparing for your coming to welcome me in heaven your home and my home forever and ever. Amen.

Chapter 5 – Seeing life to God’s view

Today was something God, in this chapter I have learned to value what is entrusted in me. God has showered me with so many blessings I have come to realize that now. I was given the chance to travel abroad, was given an opportunity to work in a well respected company, was provided with a good pay and an opportunity for a promotion. But do I take care of this blessings maybe not that much I know I need this but I don’t really do my best to take care of this blessings. I tend to ask more and more then I started to have my absences and late at work. This is a surprise how can God entrust me with a much better job when here I don’t do it. I have a beautiful loving fiancée and what do I do I sometimes hurt her and ask so many things to her that it becomes difficult for her to understand me what am I doing I should be taking care of her and supporting her and providing for her so that we can have a happy relationship centered to God. Wow realizing this thing is a big shock to me. I have been so irresponsible in so many things especially the important things in my life. Seeing my life to God’s point of view is hard and very surprising but it should be the way I should look at things around me so I can deal with it with kindness and generous kind of Love. To be able to ask what will Jesus do in every situation is a perfect plan for me to be a better person for God and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dear God,

Today I ask you to teach me to always depend on you and to look and see things the way you do. Empower me Lord with kindness and generosity to be able to Love and take care of the things that you entrusted me with, in your most holy name Jesus Christ.Amen.

Chapter 4 – Made to Last

Wow what a title very striking so it seems, It is said that we the creation of God in His likeness and image is never perfect and as we go through like we are being molded by God for his purpose to be a part of his preparation of eternity. I never like talking about dying not because I’m afraid of it but rather because there is so much to o this earth that is to appreciate. I know that it’s going to happen one way or the other but should be talking about it and think about rather than be happy and live your life for the betterment of you so went the time comes to face the Father and ask you the question what have you done to the life I have given you on earth. Would you answer it this way Father I thought of death and I was very afraid father so I was careful of doing things that may harm me. I drink vitamins; eat good food, live a lifestyle that I know would be good for me. Or would you have it this way Lord God I have much fun on earth I met a lot of people and have tried ways to help them. I got my hands dirty and I sweat a lot since I have to build a house for my brother in GK in the midst of the sun. Sometimes I don’t have time to eat breakfast because sometimes I was late for church and I had to skip it so I can be there and hear your words on mass. Sometimes I got sick because I really had a good time laughing with friends about the good times and bad times in high school and lot of other things. I live my life on earth Lord and it was a good life that you blessed me with, now I don’t know if God will be happy for those answer but I know that God would not want us to live in fear while we are here on earth he wants us to live a life that is full, because everything we have here on earth is a blessing from Him. He gave us this life to live it to the fullest. I once heard this line that your life is God’s gift to you and what you will be come is your gift to God. So be full, be productive, be blessed and be a blessing to others, be a light to others because that is our purpose here on earth. 

Chapter 6 – Life is a Temporary assignment

Today was a good day for me, many good and bad things has occurred in front of my eyes and leads me to the question why things happened that way. I even think of the question why can’t it be that all things are good and no wars and sorrow will happen, can this earth be a place where there is peace and love and everybody has a good relationship with somebody else. I guess I’m taking of heaven not earth, I remember a friend of mine telling me that life here on earth will never be perfect since this is the place where everybody is being molded and prepared to be ready for heaven, our real home. I n the reading I realize that God has never stop molding from the day I was born until now and the tomorrows that will come because he wants me to be ready to go home. I remember when I was a kid I wished for a home I imagine I live in a fair home with a nice car and nice shirts and good living, money in my pocket and a successful career. But I was wrong as time goes by I have comet o realize what a home is and what a house looks like, a home can never be define as something you own, a home is something that you already have it does not have a window but you can see a man’s truth, a home does not have walls but it give’s warmth when it touches you, a home does not have a living room but it welcomes you. A home is not a house but rather it is the people around you that you call family. Someday I know I will come to heaven my real home even if I’m the last person to enter it I will come home and God will welcome me with great love and joy……………….because I’m home.

Chapter 7 - The reason for everything

This is a wonderful read….. I have come to realize a thing that I have done so long ago when I joined Youth for Christ, I said yes to God, Yes to his glory and I have become his child because on that they I came to a new life to him. I have long said yes to Him to His glory. I have made a covenant with Him that for as long as I shall live I will testify to his Love, that I will be a witness in the silence of people when the word of sharing Jesus is not enough that my life my past will be shared as an example that there is a God and He loves us all. I have witness miracles in so many lives, lives that were broken and God has made whole again. I have seen and experience God providing for everything that I need was given and provided to me by God in His right time. The call for us is to believe that He is there and that he will never let go of us because God loves us so much that he was willing to die on the cross for us, so that we may live and that great love is not just a story but a truth that we must never forget. God did something for you and me, what then will we do for God? The reason for everything is love, God’s love so let us come and experience it.  Lord God I come to you with an open heart please come in and use this life for your greater Glory.

Chapter 8 – Planned for God’s Pleasure

Today on the reading I realize that its not how much you spend your time in church that you worship God. It’s every time I breathe the air of life. I think I was not praising God when I’m out of the church and in work or somewhere else doing other things. I was wrong its not where you are physically but rather where your heart is that matters to God. It’s not what you are doing right now that tells you are praying but rather whatever you do that you dedicate to God ….. that is praying, that is worshipping Him as I write this thoughts I place my heart to you Lord because this not for my pleasure but for you.

I remember making a covenant with God to Testify to His love, a song that would always make me remember my promise that I will be worshipping him at all times. I remember taking it with other friends. I remember but was I doing it? Now this chapter has reminded me of that promise I guess God was telling if I still remember? Sorry Lord I forgot, I’m sorry because I did not worship you in work, in my love life in my life………………… with all my heart Lord.

Lord help, remind me that I’ am not doing all the greatness for me but for your pleasure, for your Glory for You my savior, my God.

For as long as I shall live

I will testify to Love

I’ll be a witness in the silence when the words are not enough

And if every step I take

I will give thanks to God

For as long as I shall live

I will testy to Love.

Chapter9 – What makes God Smile?

I guess to begin this part of my journey the right question is do I make God smile? What area in my life makes him pleased? What areas of my life is God not happy about? There are a lot of things that I’m not sure God is pleased with me. I know I have not gone to church in a while last time I attended mass was last weekend and it was half thru, I don’t pray much just when before eating. I’m very hot headed most of the times. I think about myself before others not all the time but there were times that I did just that, I have pride, I can go on and on and on about what I have but I don’t think God will be smiling or even pleased with this things. But how can I make him smile at me, I can’t build a boat like Noah did there is no flood coming. I really don’t know but I sure would like to start and my start is to finish this book. To run towards, the end line of this journey. As I read this book I feel that everything in my life is being reshaped, all the things that I have long forgotten is brought back and restored to me. I know that this is no accident finding and reading the book now is not a matter of coincidence it is God asking me to do it, it is Him that said come my child take a journey and know that my Love for you is beyond measure.

Chapter 10 – The heart of Worship

Today I across the word surrender, as the statement is something that the world today wants to hear everybody is fighting wanting to be on top, wanting to win but no one wants to be down and out. I notice that very few people are humble in their works everybody want to be recognize everyone is vigilant and in a hurry, to some they want to be in control of their lives they want do the work and they work hard for it. But the reading comes with great humbleness, a great surrender that giving up everything to God all the problems, praises, happiness everything that you have in this world our dreams. I guess I want to ask myself what part of me has not yet surrender to God. I know that I work hard but the blessing always come from God. Everything is with him, from Him and for Him, For God alone. I come to this conclusion that truly when man works man works but when man prays God works and He works for your best. To you Lord of lords and King of kings I come in humbleness and complete surrender as you have given me your word today bless me help not to depend on my own understanding but to yours alone. I surrender to you my life, my heart and my love. Enrich me with your presence and use me for your greater Glory. My heart my soul cleanse it father and make it yours forever and ever amen.

Chapter 11 – Becoming best friends with God

I have long known that God is a friend but I what I didn’t know is he is most passionate about his friendship to me. I would like to be God’s best friend. I would like him to be as close to me as possible, I guess who would not want to be his best friend, I mean he is God but the thing is it’s something that is hard to do if you don’t know how. On today’ read I have come to know that being friends with Him is to be constantly speak with him in little prayer. I see now what my brother is doing little prayers I don’t know if he is aware of it but at least he is doing it and that’s what counts. In my case how can I be of constant reminder that I’ am in constant presence not that God requires me but I’m requiring myself to do it for my heart hungers for it, for my soul delights it, for God will be pleased in what I will do then I will do it.

 It has been long since I last wrote to continue to work on this project but I have made commitment to finish these and so I will for I owe it to God to finish this journey of discovery He has walked with me through all of the eleven chapters and I’m sure to have Him to the rest.

Chapter 12 Developing Your Friendship with God

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Chapter 13 Worship That Pleases God

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Chapter 14 When God seems Distant

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Chapter 15 Formed for Gods Family

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Chapte 16 What Matters most

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