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An open letter to my family:


Hello Family,

First of all I want to greet each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, I wish na I could come and celebrate our yearly family Christmas party. I remember the last time na sumulat ko sa inyo was about 6 year ago, noong nag Christmas party tayo kina Tita Linda na bahay. I remember I was a fulltime worker pa nun sa Gawad Kalinga. As I remember in the letter, I asked you to understand me and the decision I made, right now I’m writing you this letter to thank you naman for all the love and support that you have given me. For always being there for me, when I needed a family. I remember noong kinasal ako sinabi ni Mama Luz that I was a self made man, wow! sarap naman pakinggan nun, but if you will look closer sa values na meron ako it all came from each and everyone in this family. Maybe iba lang ang packaging but the same personality, the same values. The way ako mag-isip, the way ako mag-aaproach sa problema and the best part is kung paano ako magmahal at magpahalaga. This Christmas, nag-isip kami ni Sheila kung ano bibigay namin sa inyo as gifts. Then I realize na pinakamaganda pala na gift eh yung sabihin mo sa mga taong mahal mo kung gaano sila kahalaga sayo. This is one of the ways to say kung gaano kayo kahalaga sakin…..

Mama Cora – thank you kasi you are the voice inside me to push and push whenever I feel tired and want to give up.

Mama Luz who taught me how think clearly and make wise decisions.

Mami Dudes who taught me how to be myself and to be in my best in many ways.

Tita Linda – who taught me to simplify everything in my life

Ninang - who molded my heart to love and to forgive and to never hold grudge to the people who hurt me.

Kuya Allison – who is basically my big brother

Kuya Nenen – who inspires me to be ambitious in my life

Ate Maricel -  who inspires me to be independent

Ate Lilo -  who gave me a second chance of achieving better things in life

Jae Jae and Erica – who always give me space and room for my thoughts

Rolen – the one brother that I love so much

Kuya Carlos – who I know I can ask for wisdom if I ever need one

Ate Cerlyn – the sister I never had

Thank you for everything….Merry Christmas I love you all…..God Bless

Jun jun


A truly Happy Easter !

This year's lent holds a special meaning for me, first things first I was able to attend the Ash Wednesday holy mass which I never really do, as the message for that wonderful mass is who we are as people of God? To realize that we are His soldier, His army fighting for what is right from wrong. To always unveil wherever you are that you are indeed for Christ. Wearing that identifying mark that God rules over your life.


I was also able to do a little fasting for myself, I fast to never drink soda for the 40 days duration of lent. It may sound simple giving up a wonderful drink but I dare you try it. In that 40 days I was tempted so many times to just give up. I remember eating in a fast food; a burger, fries and water ( not 100% satisfying), or just me and my wife eating a normal dinner; a nice cut tasty pork chop, some white rice and a cold delicious coke ( for her )but for me water (at least its cold). I can go on and on with other combination where soda can be so good and I was really tempted, but I said no I said this simple sacrifice I give to God for His greater glory.


Lastly was spending time with family on holy Thursday and Friday it was a great realization for me and my wife we were able to talk to one of my aunt who shared with us her simple but very inspiring prayer that she ask God “that when she dies she ask to go to heaven, and she also ask that her love ones be with her when their time comes.


These experiences gave me a good look to where I'm headed in the future of my life's journey. Ash Wednesday showed me that I live an extraordinary life with God that he is with me in my journey. The fasting tells me that there will be challenges along the way but if I keep believing that “All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me”. Then I will be able to finish the race of life and be victorious in the end. Lastly my aunt was the instrument to show me that I will someday be with God in heaven my true home where I will enjoy the company of Jesus Christ my savior and my love ones.


God Bless everyone. Happy Easter ! Jom


No Boundaries.....

Never put boundaries in Gods Love, I have constantly witness God's amazing grace flowed out from different situations in my life and others.                                   

Passion of ChristBest example for this is Gawad Kalinga - this is a work with the poor ministry that I was fortunate to be a part of when I was still in Batangas. I just graduated from college, and like many students who are clueless in what the real world has to offer, I ventured to involve myself in a work that makes more sense to me and that is to work for God so I went to CFC Couples for Christ Center in Batangas. I told Tito Joel Besa that I want to work for the ministry. I know that the salary is not that much but hey I want my first boss to be Jesus Christ so I did the work. It was a big challenge since I barely had an idea of what I needed to do. So they set me up as a full-time office worker for the center and another on Gawad Kalinga. Wow! Sounds a bit important right?! well it was, because to me God is important and His work is my priority. As I remember it correctly Mondays to Fridays I'm in the center and on weekends I'm with the GK site it was a 24X7 ministry powered by God's amazing love. To add to that, I was also living on my own, with the little salary I receive I barely pay for my apartment, food and bills. Sometimes things were tough to budget, sometimes no food budget but I was able to get through it by a simple faith that God provided, he really did....

I also got myself involved in a work when typoon ondoy hit. It was a memorable event, alot of people lost their homes in the flood. Where I live is not really affected but as I watch the video  footages on TV, I felt that I needed to do something. I told my wife that I want us to help and she immediately agreed. I thought of how we can help, then an idea came up when ABS-CBN showed volunteers repacking the goods donated to them that needs to be distributed on the areas affected. So that weekend, we packed some old clothes that we can spare and headed to the studio of ABS-CBN. We donated some clothes and volunteered in repacking the goods. Theres a lot of people there, young and old, who wanted to help as well, some were people. previously helped by ABS-CBN foundation who wanted to give back what was given to them. Some were rich kids who felt that they needed to do something. Others were artists, that wanted to do their part in helping the victims. When I was there, I really felt that our nation came together because God has called them to give His Love....

Recently there was a calamity that hit Haiti, an earthquake that destroyed a lot of people's home, buildings, and the like. It was all over the news. People from all over the world wanted to help Haiti, everybody is doing thier part. Even big time celebrities are giving their contributions. As I watch all of these, it brought me to another realization that God is amazing. He not only extends his Love to nations, but more to the world....

On these events of my life, I have witnessed God's miracles. He made me re-discover myself. He made me realize that I'm special, that I have a future full of Love. God made the true person in me shine so people will be able to see the true person that I really am......with GK I witnessed a broken family become whole, a slum area became a community. That time that I was in ABS-CBN studio I witnessed a nation came together as one in Christ. In Haiti, He made me a witness that He is God and that He has no boundaries.....JOM



I never had an opportunity to experience what a mothers love feels like, because when I was young, after my father died, my mother left us in the care of my aunts which in turn took me in and guided me to become the person I' am today. I would say that in each of my five aunts I was able to adopt personalities that I was able to apply in my life.


Mama Cora - she is the one person that showed me that I needed strength to be able to push myself more, if I want to achieve great heights in my life. I was a foolish kid when I was young, I was more than a handful and God knew that I needed a mama Cora who is strong to break me so that God will be able to rebuild me to be the person He wants me to be.


Mama Luz - I look up to her when it comes to making good decisions, when I was young she was the one who saw that I have a great mind. She was the one who made me believe that I' am an intelligent person, that I have a good head over my shoulders. She made me read books and understand them so I can apply what I learned when situations call for it.


Mami Dudes - She was the one who showed me that cleanliness is next to Godliness, of all my aunt she was the best in cleaning everything around the house. She makes sure that everything is tidy and organize in a home. She said if you can organize your home then you can organize your life.


Tita Linda - When it comes to living a simple life, tita Linda is the best person to run too, she has taught me that less is more...that life is simple, it doesn't have to be complicated. If you choose to have simple life you will be able to see more of what life has to offer, if you live a simple life you will have peace of mind.


Aunt Lina/Ninang – I guess all my cousins will agree that Ninang is everybody's mom, she was the one that showed me that great love and understanding can win the world for you. Her home is always open for each and everyone of us and that she treats all of us as her own sons and daughters.


I may have lost one mother when I was young, but as my life moved forward I was able to gain five....truely I' am blessed. JOM

Tell the world of His love


Oh! How can I start writing about God’s love? There is just so many to say about His great love for us. We can simply just looked at the cross and see that through his suffering and dying He has saved us. But his love is not limited to that alone. As we move to our time, we are still surrounded by his great love for us. He has provided us with a lot of signs that he is still around and that he is continuously loving us even up to this day.

I was once riding the MRT about a week ago and I saw this billboard ad with a message “How many lives are you going to change this year” what a wonderful question to ask to someone today? In some way the message is saying that you have something to do for God, that you have a personal mission, a purpose why you are here on earth.

 My wife and I attend our Sunday mass in Don Bosco Makati and last Sunday, the ending song was Tell the world of His love. When the choir sang that song I was instantly reminded about the world youth day that was held here in the Philippines a few years back. What a sight that was! More than a million youth from different places in the Philippines and the world went to Manila to celebrate God’s awesome love. The message of the celebration is to tell the world of His love.

 This year I continue life. I move forward to this great adventure of my life, with it I feel God’s awesome love. On this brand new year I will change people’s lives around me with the message of the World youth day; tell the world about his Love.


Our 2010 Plan

A brand New year has arrived 2010, Wow!!! after all the parties for this season that past, reality takes a bite on me. Questions about what will happen for me in this year of the tiger? What are brand new challenges I will take on? But first things first I want change! Change in a lot of old problems that kept us off track to run towards our goals. I remember a quote from my favorite writer Bo Sanchez He said that the purpose of the new year is to have a new you. For this new year I would like to have a new me and I will start it with me.


Change number one will be in my financial status, you see last year we have experience financial challenges, it was hard when it hit us but I have a supportive wife that took some of the burden that I carry, we have gone past thru it with flying colors. I'm proud to say that we have learned our lesson when it comes to financial management. So this year 2010 I want us to focus on zero debt.


Change number two will be to get my wife an American visa or a Canadian visa, why? well I want us to travel to the US or Canada if there will be a possibility that we can move then all the better. It has always been our plan and my dream to move to Canada or US I personally believe that as a provider I can better our life there than here. Also with us working together we can also extend some help to both our families. So for this year 2010 an American or Canadian visa for my wife.


Change number three I want to start a savings account that our commitment is to hit P120000.00 by the end of the year. Why the specific amount only? Simple we do have bills to pay plus we also have change number one to work on so I think this is an achievable amount for both us for now.


Change number four I want us to go on a marriage seminar. Why? Simple we are a young couple, we barely have an idea on how we can correctly live a fruitful married life. I personally believe that it will help us grow in the life we share as husband and wife. We are ready to make that changes but what to change is the thing that we need to work on. By attending seminars we learn better guides on how we can be better for each other.



Small miracles:

 They say that for you to know how blessed you are, you have to count your blessing. Well right now I'm not counting blessings but rather miracles that happened in this season of Love. This December was a time of small miracles for me, simple things that made this Christmas season both memorable and meaningful for me.

1 .Schedule:


Since I just joined my new company (IBM) I was thinking that I might not be able to join my family for our yearly Christmas party, I'm sure to get bad working schedules, I was saying that I will be working while everybody was eating notche buena, I'm working service request while they are exchanging gifts, I will be infront of the computer while they are getting ready for their best camera shot. I'll be saying "what a drag!" while others are saying "Merry Christmas" but wait up that did not happen! Why? Well!, well!, well!, I saw the schedule my manager told me J you will be off 23rd and 24th but you will comeback the 25th ding! Ding! Ding! Then this


means I will be able to see family in Christmas eve, I get to party with family and share notche buena, I get to say Merry Christmas to family and exchange gifts with them, I get to wear my best camera smile, Wow! if this is not a miracle I dont know  what is?






2.Family attendance:


Its was about a week before Christmas when I got the info that my cousins Ate Maricel and Kuya Jun will be joining us in our yearly Family Christmas party, it got me exited since my brother Rolen will also be joining us so I knew that this one will be one of those unforgettable Christmas celebration that will be talked about for years to come, you see these people don't usually join our party since they are working and living abroad. But wow they are here to  





celebrate Christmas with us. This is going to be a Christmas party to remember.  




I thought I will not be able to share gift this Christmas since I had some financial difficulty this year and that the only thing I can share in the party is my presence but God really works in mysterious ways, Sheila got a huge bonus plus a nice raise from her company we had some payable but there was a respectable amount that was left for a few gifts. So we decided to buy some but only for the kids since it was all we can afford. I myself got a few extra money from my performance bonus so I was able to add a gift for my brother and contributed a gift to Ninang. Aside from the extra money we also receive a lot of gifts from people we know, some are fruit baskets, two delicious hams (not the cheap kind) a complete spaghetti basket set (all in, including the meat), umbrella's which we really need, shirts (I dont think its my style) oh yeah I was able to but new Polo shifts (the lacoste kind heheheh), some other groceries and gift certificates.True enough we receive a bountiful of blessings.




       Mama Luz, Ninang Lina, Tita Linda             Dinggay Rolen Ninang Lina and

           Mama Cora, Mami Dudes                         Ninong Adel Jun2x Sheila


 Mama Cora, Tiata Linda, Mami Dudes Ate Maricel, Kuya Nenen, Inah, Cassie Ate Imee and her children, Ate Lilo Erica, Carlo Kuya Alison



                        the boys...                                               the girls....


                                              Rey Amparo kami!                               

       ok who are these people? and why                    this two may think they're

                 are they singing?                                     singing but they're not  

          ME and the Christmas tree                             Sheila and the Christmas tree

A new Lead of my life

Slowly I feel that God is working in my life, renewing my ways and view and the more I come near to Him and surrender my life with Him I slowly find peace, joy and contentment. Long ago I wrote about what I wanted in my life and I work hard for it hoping that one day it will be a reality, my reality but I have realize that there  are just something things that I cannot do on my own. It will never be possible with me relaying on my own capabilities. I need help and I need God more than ever. It can be crazy at times that I forget why I’ am doing it, to ask myself

why it is there no answer? That I can never know.To find the answer is to find God for he hold everything in my life and that he has a plan for me. A plan that he alone knows,  even before I was born to his earth. 

But what is His great plan for me? What is my purpose here on earth? Why is my life being shape this way? What is the shape of my life right now? And there a lot more question that I can ask but only in time will God show me the answer as for today and every each day God is shaping me to be a better person for Him, continuously chiseling the rough edges of my life and smoothing every edges of my persona to one day be ready to face Him and be with Him in eternity. So be patient for God is not done with me yet.

About Me

Wow!!! I have been meaning to write  something that would really matter a lot to other people. I have been trying to do that for quite sometime now but I seem to always stray away from that goal. I have never really tried I attempted to do so a couple of time but I guess new things come to my attention and that kept me away from doing so, now I wish to syart again but this. time I want to make a firm stand that I will do it starting right now.

 Writing something that really matters and it has to start somewhere and I guess that start would have to come from knowing and writing about me. My name is Rogelio Buenviaje Jr., My dad died when I was young so i dont really know much about him. I hear stories about how he lived his life and how he died from my Aunt's and Uncle and a few people who had the chance to know him when he was still alive. As a boy I grew up with a lot of questions in my mind, I was raised by one of my fathers sister Aunt Cora. My childhood was not that much to expect but i did have a lot not so good memories growing up. When i was young I had great ideas in me I remmeber trying to write stories about mid-evil times, and the only influence that I have is a black box called the television which I spent a lot of time watching when I was young. I was an imaginative box who played at the backyards pretending that I was in a war and my little scrap of boards and old roofs which i got from the trash was the base of my operation. Most of the times when nobody is at house i would pretend that I was rich and that I have a car, a lot of money and I have a lot of friends. Nights was the best time for me then because i get to go to the roof and looked at the moon, there was even a big star usually near christmas time and i would say to myself that there is my dad watching over me.

When I was in my teens serious things started to happen in my life, discovering that I was illigitimate, I began to feel emotions about not being wanted in my life. Friends became more important than family. I began to experiment things like drinking and smoking, fighting the best part would be the girls. I remember getting into relationships not knowing what to do I just jump into one and whatever happens, happens at the time it was cool. I had fun even though life is hard at home but life is cool outside, so I stayed more outside than inside I mean nobody really cared anyway. At the time people who really knew me are my friends I know at lot of people at school but I only have two very close friends that would be Poly and Lester. We were the unbreakable threea, we have our own problems at home but together we help each other through think and thin.I could say that my teen life it was one fun ride. Then another Aunt introduced me to God by joining YFC at first I was hesitant but if its three days away from the house why not?! So I was in the camp to my surprise I had fun I really learned alot from it. I was not the instant change bad to good type but it was a journey for me to have an intimate realtionship with Him.

The next would be my college, wow this one was crap after highschool I transfered to another school which I got in trouble with some frathernity got into a rumble and bang! I dropped out transfered to a goverment school for a short course then went back to my old school took a coure which I never really liked but I never had a choice its this or nothing so lets get that to have that diploma but at the middle part of my school I had to stop because my Aunt said she could not support me anymore so i had to stop took a job in one of the fast food chain. I needed to earn the money to save up for a tuition fee. At the time I felt really low and ask myself why this things had to happen to me? what did I do wrong to deserve this kind of life? But God was not deaf to my needs He showered me with blessing when i needed one. So i got to finish my college not a degree but I was able to have the diploma.

..................there will be a part 2 but for now this is it.


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