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Pencil...not the writing kind

Posted by thebuenviajelife on November 19, 2012 at 3:00 AM

Well it’s just sad to leave when it's your last day of your big vacation. It is true that wherever you are and what place, the only thing you run out is time. Time is what I have run out of right now. South Korea is not new to me, this is not my first time here but it seems that every trip I make is a first time. New discoveries and new people to me meet. In tjhis trp I meet the people in my little homey hostel named "Pencil" DJ who is the owner of the place is very nice. Though I only meet him twice fist is when we checked and the other is when we checked out and that’s it. Most of the time person I was able to fork a conversation about is Pei pei who basically is the staff on the accomodation, nice girl from Malaysia who looks like she is in highschool but i was schock to know that she already got her degree in Malysia and is here is Korea for something about the language, that part I did not get much coz I have to go and she is clock in. Next would be Diego Now interstingly I only meet the guy for about 10 mins that includes the introductions, greetings, from where and the what are you doing here and the goodnight ending "cool I'll see you later".


For the place I'll give an A+ for the service, they serve coffee and jam sandwich all day and that’s for free, but wait there is more!!! The place is not the best I have stayed but defintely it is the homiest. The set up was homey, the food well I think it’s 10 times more than what I have in my fridge. They have useful information for tourist, they have round the clock internet and it runs in a wopping 994Mbps now believe me I'm in the internet business and this speed is crazy fast. Now on the last day they offer luch togetther with the other rentee's which basically creates an atmosphere of friendship and familly, now where would you find that kind of place anywhere in Korea. Pencil is defintely the place to stay for strangers travelling Korea. Salute to DJ, Pei pei and speedy Gonzales Deigo.

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