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The past year 2010

Posted by thebuenviajelife on February 15, 2011 at 11:29 AM

The year 2010 is coming to an end adn a lot of things has happened, I look back on the memories that came to pass on this wonderfull year. I remember taking notes on the changes that I want to accomplish for the year.

First one being a change of financial status, two days back I was talking to my wife about our finances and the great part is we have some few loans that it almost paid a few more months and we are done, one of the credit cards that we have has been paid of completely and has cut the card in half so as to never use it ever again FYI we only have 2 cards, we need the other one for emergency so I will be keeping the other one.

Second was to get my wife a visa....well wehave tried to get the visa for her. We spent quite a time preparing the papers and getting the necessary documents that was needed, arm with the money in the bank and the papers, plus the hope of getting that visa, sadly it did not push through she was denied because the consul was not in the mood of granting one. Annoyed, feeling low my brother was there to comfort my wife and me about that misfortune. So get ready 2011 we are going to try again but this time arm with a lot of prayers...

The third and forth plan was open a savings account with money in it, get a marriage seminar - I think we have exceeded to that plan and got more than what we have plan for, we did open a savings account, we did get the money in bank for a certain time it was there, then we got our church wedding and it was just amazing from start to finish, from the church to the venue everything took its place pefectly. We recieve great comments about the wedding, from the church, the fountain, the ceremony, the priest, the food, the venue, the photo and video everything was just great. Best thing of I got to say I do to my wife the secoind time around and man it was great!

But there are other wonderful things that has happened for this year that I'm thankful about, like the travels that we did this year Boracay, Bangkok and Singapore. We have also move in to a better apartment. I got a new job with a dayshift schedule, my wife got promoted to her job. We have enjoyed the company of good friends and made new ones too. We have also made extra efforts to be with our families and bonded with them through occassions. But the best part of it all we felt that God is looking over us and making sure that we are on the right track.

So sum up this year I think we did good ... really good!

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