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Posted by thebuenviajelife on April 9, 2013 at 5:35 PM

I have been working for a long time and in that time I have encountered diffent types of people, there are people who do it and there are people who commit to it. This little sharing I have for you today is about the first type of people who I will shift thier lives from people who do to people who commit to it. Let's start!

I'm bored!, I think this is not for me!, I want something! I'm tired of this! This is not what I thought it was! Is this what I want! These are just some expression we hear from people. The funny thing is they already know that it's not for them but they continue to do the same thing over and over again and the worst thing is they rant and rant and rant but they dont do anything about it. But what can we do about it? How do we break free from this situation?

I was told once that If you want change you have to break away from you comfort zone and go for whatever you want. It is never easy to break away from what you have gotten used to but if your not happy anymore, if you have forgotten the meaning on why you are doing it then I guess it's time for you to stop and re-discover why you are doing it.

I remember a story about a brother who was serving in Gawad Kalinga, I remember his story, he was a mission worker when we met, he shared to me that before doing GK he was an executive of a bank. He lived in a class A village in Manila, he eats in expensive resturants and attends glamurous parties,and when he was sharing that to me it felt like he was living "the life.But with that"same success it got him hooked with drugs, he also is a constant guest in casino's and looses a lots of money. There was a point in his life that he lost everything from his career to his family. I guess at his lowest point God picked him up and made him realize that he has to change his life and he found a new fulfilment in serving others through Christ. But he said it was not easy, it's a process that needed commitment and a lot of prayer. 

What I'm trying to share is this for commitment to work, you need to have a reason for doing it. There should be a clear picture why you are commited to doing the work that you do,otherwise why do it?

My challedge for you is this, if there was one thing that you can do today, what would it be? if you know the answer then go do it.!!!

by JOM

started Jan 22, 2010 finished aprl 4, 2013


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